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Weekly Residential Cleaning

Weekly Cleaning Services


We highly value, appreciate and respect your time and resources. The Glowing Maid Inc. will provide you with quality cleaning services in the most efficient, effective and timely manner possible. Therefore, saving you more time and money while at the same time enjoying your freshly cleaned home or office space.

Contact us today using our ONLINE BOOKING FORM to book your next Weekly Residential Cleaning appointment with us. Also, please review our CLEANING SERVICE CHECKLIST prior to booking or send us your custom checklist that you would like us to use for your cleaning appointment.

Some appointments may take long while others may be short. The scope of work, size and condition of the property is what determines the length of your appointment.

Great news is that we are flexible to work with your time, schedule and budget while upholding our cleaning standards. Please reach out to us and let's have a chat prior to having your appointment so we may better understand your needs and provide you with exceptional services at the same time.